Project Yao 覞工程

Project Yao 覞工程.

“A free, publicly accessible permanent database of pre-1920 American literature translations into Chinese. A cooperative bi-national public scholarship project from Arizona State University, Iowa State University, and Sichuan University”. – Project Yao


Renditions Database

Renditions Database.

Affiliated with Renditions, a Chinese-English translation journal,  this “database contains details of authors, titles and translators of works that have appeared in Renditions publications.” So basically it is a searchable index to Renditions publications.

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JAANUS – Japanese Architecture and Art Users System

JAANUS – Japanese Architecture and Art Users System.

Compiled by Dr. Mary Neighbour Parent, this “dictionary contains approximately 8000 terms related to traditional Japanese architecture and gardens, painting, sculpture and art-historical iconography from approximately the 1st century A.D. to the end of the Edo period (1868). Terms from related fields such as lacquer, ceramics, textiles and metalwork have been included where they are considered to be of general interest and/or impact on the principal fields of architecture, painting and sculpture. These definitions are not translations from any one Japanese monolingual dictionary, but have been collated from a range of specialist sources and scholarly publications, and from direct observation and study. Many have never before been defined in English.” – The JAANUS staff

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Nagasaki University Digital Collection 長崎大学電子化コレクション

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Including one of the largest early photograph collections in Japan, and several collections related to history of modern science, medicine and economics in Japan.

Thanks to Hideyuki Morimoto (Columbia U.) for recommending the “High-definition image database of old photographs of Japan”, which is part of this resource.