Databases for Japanese Labor Policy Research データベース(労働政策研究支援情報)

Databases for Japanese Labor Policy Research データベース(労働政策研究支援情報)

Provided by the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training, this resource provides several searchable databases relevant to labor relations: labor statistics, legal cases of labor disputes, and bibliographical database for articles, books, and surveys. Note that the English version of the website may have content different from the Japanese version.

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Japanese Gender Statistics Database 女性と男性に関する統計データベース

Japanese Gender Statistics Database 女性と男性に関する統計データベース.

“Gender statistics database by NWEC contains important statistical data collected from all fields of Japanese women and men.” – NWEC

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Korean Film DB

Korean Film DB.

In both Korean and English, the database provides basic information, synopsis, and photos on Korean films. The Council’s web site also has the full text of Korean Cinema Yearbook and Korean Film Observatory as well as box office statistics (weekly only).

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JPOLL – Japanese Public Opinion Database

JPOLL – Japanese Public Opinion Database. Free but requiring registration.

Developed by the Roper Center of U. Connecticut, JPOLL is a comprehensive database of Japanese public opinion data. It “contains more than 10,000 public opinion questions and the respective responses from Japan’s major survey research sources. These studies cover social, political, and economic topics throughout the current decade. Users can search for public opinion questions using keywords, topics, dates, and organizations as search criteria.” – Roper Center

National Taiwan University Digital Collections 臺灣大學圖書館特藏資料庫

Access here.

It includes both bibliographic and full text databases. Some full text databases are freely accessible, including: 臺灣宗教民俗資料圖錄, 臺灣舊照片資料庫, 古契書計畫, 伊能嘉矩手稿, 淡新檔案, 臺灣古拓碑, 臺灣日治時期統計資料庫.

China National Statistical Database 中国国家统计数据库

China National Statistical Database 中国国家统计数据库.

Developed by China’s National Bureau of Statistics, this database seems to be a product still under development. It seems to be compatible with the Internet Explorer, but not Firefox (thanks to Yuh-fen Benda of Vanderbilt for discovering the issue). The instruction (in Chinese) is available here. I certainly welcome anyone who has experience with it to comment here.

In addition, the official web site of the National Bureau of Statistics of China 中华人民共和国国家统计局 provides useful information about the Chinese statistical system and links to sites of other relevant government agencie.

Links updated. (1/28/2010)

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Japan Statistical Bureau

Access the English version here, or the Japanese version here.

It has data from the Japan Statistical Yearbook, Japan Monthly Statistics, Statistical handbook of Japan, and Historical Statistics of Japan. In addition, the Guide to Official Statistics in Japan provided by the Bureau is especially helpful as a reference source.

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