NLC Image Collection 中国国家图书馆特色资源(图片频道)

NLC Image Collection 中国国家图书馆特色资源(图片频道).

Based on the rich visual resources in the National Library of China, this resource provides access to:
1. 7,532 images of oracle bones;
2. 8,051 images of oracle bone rubbings;
3. 30,234 images of stone and bronze rubbings;
4. 678 images of New Year paintings;
5. about 5000 images of Tangut (Western Xia) documents;
6. Cataloging records of 1202 publications on Tangut Kingdom (Western Xia);
7. 3080 images of old photos.

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Harvard Chinese Rubbings Collection

Harvard Chinese Rubbings Collection.

Based on the rubbings collection in the Fine Arts Library at Harvard University, this collection provides records and images of 1945 Chinese rubbings. They can also be accessed via the Harvard’s VIA image catalog.

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