Encyclopedia of CPC History 党史百科

Encyclopedia of CPC History 党史百科.

Developed by the affiliated website of People’s Daily, the official organ of the Communist Party of China (CPC), this resource currently provides over 2000 entries on individuals, events, documents, places, and terms relevant to the history of the CPC. Understandably the entries usually follow the official CPC line on controversial issues. It also provides links to full-text documents, including selected works of Mao Zedong and other major CPC leaders.

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Japan e-Government Portal 電子政府の総合窓口

Japan e-Government Portal 電子政府の総合窓口.

Launched in 2001, this site is the portal to the Japanese government information. It provides the cross search function for all the websites of government ministries and agencies, in addition to the search function for Japanese laws. English may also be used to search (but understandably only limited information is available in English).

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National Diet Library (Japan) OPAC and Online Resources

Access the NDL-OPAC here. In addition to find bibliographic records of the NDL holdings, it also provides links to digital copies of over 100,000 volumes of books published prior to 1912. NDL-OPAC provides access to Zasshi Kiji Sakuin, the Japanese Periodical Index, as well.

NDL also provides a whole host of online resources (see the complete list). These resources include:

The World and Japan database データベース「世界と日本」

Access here.

Developed by Akihiko Tanaka 田中明彦 of the University of Tokyo, the site provides access to two databases–20世紀・21世紀年表 and 日本政治・国際関係, as well as a number of electronic documents.