NLC Collection of Republican Period Publications 中国国家图书馆特色资源(民国专栏)

NLC Collection of Republican Period Publications 中国国家图书馆特色资源(民国专栏).

Developed by the National Library of China, this online collection of Republican period (1913-1949) publications includes full images of over 8000 books, full images of over 8000 legal documents, and the full text of over 4000 periodicals.

Adobe Reader 7.0 and above (Chinese version) is recommended for reading full text.

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Taiwan Periodicals Under Japanese Rule 日治時期期刊

Taiwan Periodicals Under Japanese Rule 日治時期期刊.

Developed by the National Taiwan Library (NTL), this database can be used to find articles in 79 periodicals (in Japanese language) that were published in the period of Japanese occupation (1895-1945). The citations are freely available over the Internet and the articles can be downloaded remotely with NTL card.

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Hong Kong & Macau Periodicals Network 港澳期刊網

Hong Kong & Macau Periodicals Network 港澳期刊網.

A joint project between the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library and the University of Macau Library, this database indexes articles published on over 300 Chinese and bilingual periodicals in Hong Kong and Macau. Coverage for most periodicals starts in 1980, but some important journals are indexed since the inaugural issue (such as _Xia er guan zhen_ 遐邇貫珍, the first Chinese periodical in Hong Kong). Note that abstracts are not available in the public version. Also, the coverage of Hong Kong periodicals should be the same as HKInChiP.

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Yale University Divinity Library: Digital Collections

Yale University Divinity Library: Digital Collections.

Including several collections relevant to China studies, such as

KINDS: Korea Integrated News Database System

KINDS: Korea Integrated News Database System.

Developed by the Korea Press Foundation, this comprehensive full-text Korean news database covers national, local, internet, and industry newspapers, as well as magazines and TV reports since 1990. Among other things, it includes four major daily newspapers: Kyŏnghyang 京鄉, Tonga 東亞, Sŏul 서울, and Han’guk 한국(1960 to 1989) and two newspapers from the Japanese colonial period:  Tongnip sinmun 獨立新聞 독립신문 and Taehan maeil sinbo 大韓每日新報 대한매일신보.

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Database for Japanese Books and Magazines on Modern Korea 近代朝鮮関係書籍データベース

Access here.

Developed at the Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Tokyo, this is a bibliographic database of books and magazines on Korea published in Japan between 1868 and 1945.

Columbia University Digital Collections on East Asia

The Columbia University Library Digital Collections include: