AGSL Digital Collections Portal

AGSL Digital Collections Portal.

American Geographical Society Library (AGSL) at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee provides online access to a large number of digitized photos and maps, including several thousands of items on China, Japan, Korea, and Tibet. The AGSL Digital Collections Portal serves as an integrated search engine to all of the AGSL digital collections.

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Antique Maps of China

Antique Maps of China.

Based on the collections in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Library, this resource “includes more than 230 maps, charts, pictures, books and atlases. It represents almost all samples of China maps produced by European cartographers from the 16th to 19th centuries. This cartographic archive vividly records the long history of cross-cultural exchanges between China and the West” (HKUST Library).

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UC Berkeley Japanese Historical Maps

UC Berkeley Japanese Historical Maps.

Based on the collection in the East Asian Library of UC Berkeley, the online collection includes over 1100 images of maps and books. Installation of a special viewer is required.

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Mokpo Photo Gallery 木浦写真館

Mokpo Photo Gallery 木浦写真館.

Created by the Matsubara Laboratory at Kyushu University, this resource provides digitized maps and photos related to Mokpo, the “Japanese Street” in the colonial Korea.

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FORMOSA: Digital Library of Western Images of Taiwan (Reed Institute)

Access here.

Developed by the Reed Institute, this digital library “gathers together a large body of primarily European and American images of the island of Taiwan — called ‘Formosa’ by foreign visitors in the 19th Century — and its various peoples.” – Reed Institute

Visual Resources for Japan (from Duke U.)

Access here.

Kristina Troost at Duke shared with me a fantastic tool for finding the right Japanese image databases for your research topic. This tool covers over 80(!) visual resources and most of them are free. FOREASt only covers some of them. You can choose resource(s) by subject, era, period, format, region, and/or resource provider. It is a handy tool and thus highly recommended.

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Digital Silk Road (National Institute of Informatics, Japan)

Digital Silk Roade.

This Digital Silk Road Project hosted at NII includes several interesting resources: