Hong Kong Literature Review Database 香港文學書評資料庫

Hong Kong Literature Review Database 香港文學書評資料庫.

Developed by the Lingnan University Library, “Hong Kong Literature Review Database uses Hong Kong Literature : A Bibliography, published by Youth Literary Book Store and the Hong Kong Art Development Council in 1995 as the base. It contains the full texts of some 200 review articles on Hong Kong literature, with a focus on works published from the fifties to the nineties, and will continue to include more writers from the forties to the late nineties, made available via a variety of search functions. In addition, the database offers the electronic texts of Hong Kong Literature : A Bibliography and Hong Kong Literature : A Bibliography :  A Supplement, along with related literature websites for reference.”

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Hong Kong Literature Database 香港文學資料庫

Hong Kong Literature Database 香港文學資料庫.

Developed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library, “Hong Kong Literature Database is the first database on Hong Kong literature. The Database is powered by various searching functions. Full-text is available in a major part of the database.” It provides bibliographical records of articles published on the newspapers, magazines and journals as well as books and theses, totaling 500,000. It also has over 180,000 full text articles, but not all of them are freely available on the Internet.

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J-TEXTS 日本文学電子図書館

J-TEXTS 日本文学電子図書館.

Reportedly belonging to Mr. Keiichi Arayama & Prof. Shinichi Kikuchi (currently of Keio University), J-TEXTS provides fulltext of Japanese literary works in downloadable files.

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Contemporary Taiwan Literature Sources System 當代文學史料系統

Contemporary Taiwan Literature Sources 當代文學史料系統.

Developed by the National Central Library, this system can be used to search biographical and bibliographical information about the contemporary (1949-) literary authors active in Taiwan. In addition, photographs about authors and information about literature awards are also available. However, fulltext articles are only available for access inside the NCL network or as a fee-based service.

The selection of authors is partly based on two reference books: Zhonghuaminguo zuo jia zuo pin mu lu 中華民國作家作品目錄 (1995); Dang dai Taiwan zuo jia bian mu 當代臺灣作家編目 (2004).

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Modern Chinese Literature Reserach Portal 中國現代文學研究網

Modern Chinese Literature Reserach Portal 中國現代文學研究網.

A collaboration between the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library and the CUHK Department of Chinese Language and Literature, this project aims to integrate multiple online resources related to modern Chinese literature. Note that it is still under development as of September 2009.

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Modern Chinese Drama Database 中國現代戲劇資料庫

Modern Chinese Drama Database 中國現代戲劇資料庫.

Developed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library, this database provides both bibliographical records of modern Chinese dramas and research articles. The records of dramas are based on a special collection in the Library, while most articles indexed were published on _Ju ben yue kan_ 劇本月刊 (1956-64). It also provides abstracts and reviews for some dramas appearing before 1937.

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Japan P.E.N. Club Digital Library 日本ペンクラブ:電子文藝館

Japan PEN Club Digital Library 日本ペンクラブ:電子文藝館.

Based on its English page, the Japan P.E.N. Club is an international organization of Japanese writers, which opposes nuclear testing and supports environmental preservation, human rights, and freedom of speech. In 2001, the Club moved to establish its own digital library, which would include the best works of deceased members and representative works of current members.

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