Naver Dictionary 네이버 사전

Naver Dictionary 네이버 사전.

A popular online resource, the Naver Dictionary includes a Korean dictionary and several bilingual dictionaries (Korean-English, Korean-Chinese, and Korean-Japanese), as well as several other reference tools.

People who are interested in Naver’s Korean-English dictionary may find this blog post helpful.

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Infoseek Rakuten Multi-dictionary 楽天マルチ辞書

Infoseek Rakuten Multi-dictionary 楽天マルチ辞書.

Provided by the Rakuten Company, this resource can be used to search five dictionaries published by Sanseido 三省堂, i.e. English-Japanese, Japanese-English, Japanese-Japanese (Daijirin), Katakana, and Chinese character dictionaries.

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MCST – Modern Chinese Scientific Terminologies

MCST – Modern Chinese Scientific Terminologies.

Based on an international research project to understand the Chinese adoption of Western scientific and philosophical terminologies from 1840-1930, the “MCST Databases are intended as a reference tool for researchers interested in the transmission, reception and appropriation of foreign knowledge in modern China. You may search our files either for specific Chinese terms (in Chinese characters or Hanyu pinyin transcription) or for the English words these terms were meant to render, by clicking on ‘Standard Search’ or ‘Complex Search’ above. Search results are presented in chronologically ordered lists. Please input in ‘Big5’ or ‘Traditional Chinese’ encoding.

If you wish to quote data retrieved from the MCST Databases, please indicate the reference as follows:

Lackner, Michael, Amelung, Iwo, Kurtz, Joachim (2001). MCST Databases: An Electronic Repository of Chinese Scientific, Philosophical and Political Terms Coined in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century. Retrieved (current date), from” (MCST)

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Formosan Language Archive 台灣南島語數位典藏

Formosan Language Archive 台灣南島語數位典藏.

“The Formosan Language Digital Archive is part of the Language Digital Archive developed within the Academia Sinica… The aims of this project are to collect, conserve, edit and disseminate via the world wide web a virtual library of language and linguistic resources permitting access to recorded and transcribed Formosan data collections. The Formosan languages belong to a widespread language family called “Austronesian”…” – Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica

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Hangul Hakhoe Dictionary Search 한글학회 사전 검색

Hangul Hakhoe Dictionary Search 한글학회 사전 검색.

This searchable database is developed by KORTERM (Korea Terminology Center for Language and Knowledge Engineering) at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. It is based on Uri Mal Kun Sajon (우리 말 큰 사전), an authoritative dictionary published by the Hangul Hakhoe (Korean Language Research Society).

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Standard Korean Dictionary 표준국어대사전

Standard Korean Dictionary 국립국어원 표준국어대사전.

This is the online version of a standard Korean language dictionary issued by the Korean government.

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Bibliography of Japanese Studies of Korean Language

Bibliography of Japanese Studies of Korean Language 朝鮮語学関係文献検索.

Developed by CHO Eui-sung, a professor at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, this resources can be used to find Japanese books and articles on Korean language published since 1945.