Korean Genealogical Table 한국족보자료시스템

Korean Genealogical Table 한국족보자료시스템.

Developed by the Academy of East Asian Studies, Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea, this resource provides genealogical information of Korean people. User can either search by name or other personal information or browse

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Chinese Maritime Customs Project

Chinese Maritime Customs Project.

Directed by Professor Robert Bickers at the University of Bristol, this project “was designed to further understandings of the modern Chinese state, British imperial history, and the history of modern globalization in China, by focusing on the role the Chinese Maritime Customs Service and its staff played in these historical processes.” In addition to producing scholarly publications and microfilming archival materials held in China, it also provides on its website downloadable relevant bibliographies and datasets. The photographs relating to the Chinese Maritime Customs Service staff are hosted by the Historical Photographs of China.

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FamilySearch.org – Family History and Genealogy Records

FamilySearch.org – Family History and Genealogy Records.

“FamilySearch is the largest genealogy organization in the world.”

Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo 東京大学東洋文化研究所

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In addition to its regular online library catalog and Chinese book catalog, the Institute of Oriental Culture at the University of Tokyo provides a number of digital collections on China and Korea, including:

Another interesting database hosted by the Institute is the 中国近現代文学関係雑誌記事データベース.

Database of Genealogies in Korea (朝鮮族譜データベース)

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Developed at the University of Tokyo, this database provides digitized images of about 640 Korean genealogies.