Keio University HUMI Project 慶應義塾大学HUMIプロジェクト

Keio University HUMI Project 慶應義塾大学HUMIプロジェクト.

It includes a number of digitized rare materials, mostly in European languages (such as a copy of the Gutenberg Bible). Currently, the only available Japanese collection is the Digital Database of Nara Ehon, “an open digital archive which makes available works of Nara ehon (“Nara picture books”), short illustrated narrative manuscripts produced during the Muromachi to Edo periods, in collections from all over the world.”

Thanks to Hideyuki Morimoto (Columbia U.) for recommending the Digital Database of Nara Ehon!

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New York Public Library Digital Gallery

Access here.

A total of over 685,000 images are accessible in NYPL Digital Gallery, including the following collections:

Kano Bunko Image database 東北大学附属図書館狩野文庫画像データベース

Access here.

This digital collection consists of 900 old Japanese maps and 280 titles of illustrated books and scrolls 絵本・絵巻.