Daozang suoyin 道藏索引

Daozang suoyin 道藏索引.

Developed at the Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg, this resource is a digitized version of the Daozang index published in 1996. No fulltext search capability is provided, though.

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Dokisha Concordance for Sinology 道氣社索引

Dokisha Concordance for Sinology 道氣社索引.

Developed at the Kyoto University, this resource provides fulltext search of over 30 Daoist works and catalog search of Dao Zang and Taisho Tripitaka. The home page of Dokisha also lists a small collections of Chinese e-texts (in html or zip format) and several Dokisha publications (in pdf format).

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Daoist Studies

Daoist Studies 道教研究.

Managed by James Miller of Queen’s University, this searchable website includes a bibliography on Daoism and related topics, a book review section, and relevant updates.