Lexicon of Confucianism 儒學詞典

Lexicon of Confucianism 儒學詞典.

Based on a manuscript of Professor Lao Sze-kwang, this resource provides short explanations for the texts, commentaries, personalities, and concepts in Confucianism. Users can browse the entries can be browse the entries by category or title (in pinyin). The search function is provided as well. Users can also download a bibliography (a Microsoft Word file) and view a few images related to Confucianism online.

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Charles Muller’s Resources for East Asian Language and Thought

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Developed by Charles Muller, this site includes a variety of databases: Digital Dictionary of Buddhism, CJKV-English Dictionary, The Korean Buddhist Canon: A Descriptive Catalogue, translations of Confucian and Buddhist texts, and other indexes and bibliographies.