KORCIS: Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System 한국고전적종합목록시스템

KORCIS: Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System 한국고전적종합목록시스템.

KORCIS is a union catalog of Korean rare books (and manuscripts), which includes records from 51 Korean institutions and 32 foreign institutions (as of March 2010). It has over 420 thousand bibliographic records and provides access to the full-text of over 36 thousand items. A presentation (PDF) by a librarian from the National Library of Korea in March 2010 provides background information about this resource.

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Webcat Plus

Webcat Plus.

Developed by the National Institute of Informatics, Webcat Plus “helps you find out-of-print books that are in the collections of university libraries and other institutions”, covering a total of over 12 million records. For books published after 1986, table of contents, related advertisement, or book cover may be provided.

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Catalog of Books in the Siku Series 四庫系列圖書綜合索引

Catalog of Books in the Siku Series 四庫系列圖書綜合索引.

Developed at the Fudan University Library, this tool can help researchers find individual works within the Siku series by author name or title.

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Holdings Information of Chinese Paintings 中国絵画所在情報データベース

Holdings Information of Chinese Paintings 中国絵画所在情報データベース.

Based on the Chūgoku kaiga sōgō zuroku 中國繪畫總合圖錄 and its supplement compiled by the Institute of Oriental Cultures, University of Tokyo, this database provides information on pre-18th century Chinese paintings in the museum and private collections around the world (possibly with the exception of the Palace Museum in Taiwan).
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Yahoo! Taiwan Academic Search 奇摩學術搜尋

Yahoo! Taiwan Academic Search 奇摩學術搜尋.

Developed by Yahoo! Taiwan, it provides integrated search to six academic databases:

  • Taiwan Dissertations and Theses (National Central Library)
  • PerioPath – Taiwan periodicals index (National Central Library)
  • Wanfang Online Journals (a commercial database; only citations are free)
  • Scholarly Web Resources (National Taiwan University Library and Yahoo! Taiwan)
  • Taiwan Libraries Union Catalog (National Central Library)
  • Union List of Digital Collections (from a dozen institutions in Taiwan)

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Update: Discontinued on October 19, 2009 by Yahoo! Taiwan.

Catalog of Chosen Tsushinshi Materials

Catalog of Chosen Tsushinshi Materials 朝鮮通信使関係資料目録(データベース版).

Based on a print catalog that Hiroshi Nakao compiled, the online searchable catalog was developed by Naoki Mizuno (Kyoto U.). It provides descriptions and holding information for 898 art objects and 939 books/documents that Korean delegates brought to Japan in the period of 17th-19th century.

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Kongfz.com 孔夫子旧书网

Self-claimed the most frequented website for used Chinese books, it can be used as a catalog for older books.

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