Kobe University Digital Library 神戸大学附属図書館 デジタルアーカイブ

Kobe University Digital Library 神戸大学附属図書館 デジタルアーカイブ.

Covering a wide variety of subjects, this resource provides cross search of the digital collections in the Kobe University Library. It has particular strength in two areas: Japanese economy and business and the local history of Kobe. In addition, it also has some unique content related to China.

  • Japanese economy and business: 新聞記事文庫 , 住田文庫, 渋谷文庫,「近代化産業遺産」指定資料,『鈴木商店商報』『鈴木商報』
  • Local history of Kobe:  震災文庫, 神戸開港文書, 神戸関係の資料と地図
  • China:『上海』『上海週報』, 王敬祥関係文書

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Shinbun Kiji Bunko 新聞記事文庫

Shinbun Kiji Bunko 新聞記事文庫.

Based on a newspaper clippings collection in Kobe University, this database provides the digitized version of newspaper clippings from the end of Meiji era to mid-Showa era. Economy and business are the focus of these newspaper clippings.

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