Dokisha Concordance for Sinology 道氣社索引

Dokisha Concordance for Sinology 道氣社索引.

Developed at the Kyoto University, this resource provides fulltext search of over 30 Daoist works and catalog search of Dao Zang and Taisho Tripitaka. The home page of Dokisha also lists a small collections of Chinese e-texts (in html or zip format) and several Dokisha publications (in pdf format).

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WWW Database of Chinese Buddhist texts

WWW Database of Chinese Buddhist texts.

Compiled by Christian Wittern (Kyoto University), the “WWW Database of Chinese Buddhist texts is a comprehensive list of Chinese Buddhist texts. It currently contains 4418 texts by 1513 authors/translators/compilers. Buddhist texts exist in many languages and cultural environments. Currently, this list contains only texts in Chinese, authored by people from the countries that use(d) Chinese characters.” The database can also be downloaded.

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Foguang Buddhist Dictionary 佛光大辭典

Foguang Buddhist Dictionary 佛光大辭典.

This resource provides fulltext search capability for the Fo guang da ci dian.

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Taiwan Buddhism 台灣佛教史料庫

Taiwan Buddhism 台灣佛教史料庫.

Hosted at National Taiwan University, this resource “contains materials relating to the history of Buddhism in Taiwan, including journal articles (full text in many cases), indexes to books and journal articles, transcripts of interviews, historical documents, multimedia resources, etc.”

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Charles Muller’s Resources for East Asian Language and Thought

Access here.

Developed by Charles Muller, this site includes a variety of databases: Digital Dictionary of Buddhism, CJKV-English Dictionary, The Korean Buddhist Canon: A Descriptive Catalogue, translations of Confucian and Buddhist texts, and other indexes and bibliographies.

Sotoshu kankei bunken mokuroku 曹洞宗関係文献目録

Sotoshu kankei bunken mokuroku 曹洞宗関係文献目録.

Sotushu is a branch of Japanese Zen Buddhism. This database provides access to a bibliography of publications on Sotushu 曹洞宗, from the Meiji Era to 2007. The print version of the bibliography may be available in a library near you.

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International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism 花園大学国際禅学研究所 Database

Access here.

It provides access to 電子達摩,Digital Bodhidharuma General Archives for Zen Research, and the full text database of Gozan bungaku zenshu 五山文學全集. Personal registration is required.

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