Index to Ming Dynasty Paintings

Index to Ming Dynasty Paintings.

Compiled by James Cahill (Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley) and hosted by Harvard Fine Arts Library, this resource “contains over 10,000 records including three types of data: 1) artist biographies, 2) artwork descriptions and 3) a bibliography covering the Ming Dynasty period, mid-fourteenth through mid-seventeenth centuries in China.” Please note that in addition to English and Asian characters, Wade-Giles (instead of pinyin) is also used the database entries.

This resource continues An index of early Chinese painters and paintings: T’ang, Sung, and Yüan, a print publication also by Prof. Cahill.

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Nichibunken Databases

Nichibunken Databases.

Developed by Nichibunken, the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, this page lists a variety of useful databases related to Japanese studies, including full texts, images, biographies, bibliographies, directories, and indexes, covering a wide range of subjects such as history, literature, art, geography, and social sciences.

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Chinese Biographical Database

Chinese Biographical Database.

Directed by Professor Marilyn Levine of Eastern Oregon University, this “database project aspires to develop a dynamic, scholarly moderated database…” It provides biographical records for a number of Chinese individuals.

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Contemporary Taiwan Literature Sources System 當代文學史料系統

Contemporary Taiwan Literature Sources 當代文學史料系統.

Developed by the National Central Library, this system can be used to search biographical and bibliographical information about the contemporary (1949-) literary authors active in Taiwan. In addition, photographs about authors and information about literature awards are also available. However, fulltext articles are only available for access inside the NCL network or as a fee-based service.

The selection of authors is partly based on two reference books: Zhonghuaminguo zuo jia zuo pin mu lu 中華民國作家作品目錄 (1995); Dang dai Taiwan zuo jia bian mu 當代臺灣作家編目 (2004).

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China Vitae

China Vitae.

According to its website, “China Vitae is a resource of biographical information on more than 4000 Chinese leaders in government, politics, the military, education, business, and the media.”

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A collection of reviews of Korean films. Also includes short bios of actors. Search engine available.

Koseisha Database 皓星社 明治・大正・昭和前期雑誌記事索引

Koseisha Database 皓星社 明治・大正・昭和前期雑誌記事索引.

Koseisha is the publisher of Meiji Taisho Showa zenki zasshi kiji sakuin shusei, a print index of Japanese periodical articles for the 1868-1948 period. The database provides online access to the author index and some table of contents of the print volumes. On the same page, Koseisha also lists another database for Nihon jinbutsu jōhō taikei 日本人物情報大系 that is still under development.