Song and Yuan Dynasty Painting and Calligraphy 宋元書畫

Song and Yuan Dynasty Painting and Calligraphy 宋元書畫.

Based on the holdings in the Freer Gallery of Art, this resource consists of 85 extraordinary artworks from the Song and Yuan Dynasties (10th-14th century) – 82 paintings and 3 independent works of calligraphy. For the first time, most of the 85 works are being thoroughly published even though many of them have assumed near-iconic status in Western studies of Chinese brushwork. “This pioneering project enables web users around the globe to study these artworks in their entirety and, through the comprehensive documentation of all associated texts and accessories, gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for one of the world’s great artistic traditions.” (Smithsonian Institution)

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Index to Ming Dynasty Paintings

Index to Ming Dynasty Paintings.

Compiled by James Cahill (Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley) and hosted by Harvard Fine Arts Library, this resource “contains over 10,000 records including three types of data: 1) artist biographies, 2) artwork descriptions and 3) a bibliography covering the Ming Dynasty period, mid-fourteenth through mid-seventeenth centuries in China.” Please note that in addition to English and Asian characters, Wade-Giles (instead of pinyin) is also used the database entries.

This resource continues An index of early Chinese painters and paintings: T’ang, Sung, and Yüan, a print publication also by Prof. Cahill.

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NLC Image Collection 中国国家图书馆特色资源(图片频道)

NLC Image Collection 中国国家图书馆特色资源(图片频道).

Based on the rich visual resources in the National Library of China, this resource provides access to:
1. 7,532 images of oracle bones;
2. 8,051 images of oracle bone rubbings;
3. 30,234 images of stone and bronze rubbings;
4. 678 images of New Year paintings;
5. about 5000 images of Tangut (Western Xia) documents;
6. Cataloging records of 1202 publications on Tangut Kingdom (Western Xia);
7. 3080 images of old photos.

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Korean Art History Connection

Korean Art History Connection.

Maintained by faculty and students at Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea, the Korean Art History Connection provides online searchable bibliographies on art history: history of sculpture, history of painting, and history of craft. The works covered are written in Korean.

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Taiwan Art Exhibition (1927-1943) Database 台灣美術展覽會資料庫

Taiwan Art Exhibition (1927-1943) Database 台灣美術展覽會資料庫.

Led by Dr. Yen Chuan-ying 顏娟英 of Academia Sinica, this project includes images and sources about 16 Taiwan art exhibitions from 1927 to 1943 and 2144 artworks, in addition to the information about the artists. These exhibitions took place when Taiwan was under the Japanese colonial rule.

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Peace Database 平和データベース

Peace Database 平和データベース.

Developed by the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, this database provides a variety of resources related to the atomic bombs and peace, including texts, audios, images, and anime.

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Holdings Information of Chinese Paintings 中国絵画所在情報データベース

Holdings Information of Chinese Paintings 中国絵画所在情報データベース.

Based on the Chūgoku kaiga sōgō zuroku 中國繪畫總合圖錄 and its supplement compiled by the Institute of Oriental Cultures, University of Tokyo, this database provides information on pre-18th century Chinese paintings in the museum and private collections around the world (possibly with the exception of the Palace Museum in Taiwan).
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