Umehara Korean Archaeology Image Database 梅原考古資料画像データベース

Umehara Archaeology Image Database 梅原考古資料画像データベース. Also in Japanese.

Developed by the Toyo Bunko, this database provides images of thousands of artifacts excavated by Umehara Sueji 梅原末治 in the Korean Peninsula in the 1920s and 1930s. Materials from today’s North Korea are probably the most important, given the current difficulty of entering North Korea.

Related print resource: 『梅原考古資料目録 朝鮮之部』(東洋学術協会,1966年).

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Digital Archives of Archaeological Data 考古資料數位典藏資料庫

Digital Archives of Archaeological Data 考古資料數位典藏資料庫.

Developed by the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, the “goal of this project is to collect the Institute’s myriad archaeological research into a digital library, including samples, field records, a wide variety of pictures, images and descriptions, and starting a standard digitizing method for samples. The project’s mid-range goal is to build a specialized archaeology research system that will allow for academic research interaction, advancement in preserving artifacts, and utilization of the resources available on the internet.”

Archaeological data provided in the database came from a number of fieldwork projects, ranging from excavations of Shang Dynasty sites in Anyang in 1920-1930s to more recent fieldwork in Taiwan conducted by the Institute.

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Databases of Antiquities-Images Research Group

Databases of Antiquities-Images Research Group 史所文物圖象研究室資料庫.

Developed by a unit within the Academia Sinica, this resource provides access to several small databases related to archaeology and history of the Han Dynasties.