Gateway to Korean Studies Materials

Gateway to Korean Studies Materials

Provided by the Center for Korean Studies Materials in the Academy of Korean Studies, this webpage lists about 90 online resources on Korean history and culture. These resources are from 22 institutions in South Korea, particularly the Academy of Korean Studies, National Institute of Korean History, and Gyujianggak Archives at Seoul National University. Most, if not all, of the resources should be freely accessible on the web.

This is probably one of the most comprehensive list of online resources for Korean studies? What do you think of it? Does it miss anything important?


KORCIS: Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System 한국고전적종합목록시스템

KORCIS: Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System 한국고전적종합목록시스템.

KORCIS is a union catalog of Korean rare books (and manuscripts), which includes records from 51 Korean institutions and 32 foreign institutions (as of March 2010). It has over 420 thousand bibliographic records and provides access to the full-text of over 36 thousand items. A presentation (PDF) by a librarian from the National Library of Korea in March 2010 provides background information about this resource.

What do you think of this resource?

Korean Genealogical Table 한국족보자료시스템

Korean Genealogical Table 한국족보자료시스템.

Developed by the Academy of East Asian Studies, Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea, this resource provides genealogical information of Korean people. User can either search by name or other personal information or browse

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Naver Dictionary 네이버 사전

Naver Dictionary 네이버 사전.

A popular online resource, the Naver Dictionary includes a Korean dictionary and several bilingual dictionaries (Korean-English, Korean-Chinese, and Korean-Japanese), as well as several other reference tools.

People who are interested in Naver’s Korean-English dictionary may find this blog post helpful.

What do you think of this resource?

Umehara Korean Archaeology Image Database 梅原考古資料画像データベース

Umehara Archaeology Image Database 梅原考古資料画像データベース. Also in Japanese.

Developed by the Toyo Bunko, this database provides images of thousands of artifacts excavated by Umehara Sueji 梅原末治 in the Korean Peninsula in the 1920s and 1930s. Materials from today’s North Korea are probably the most important, given the current difficulty of entering North Korea.

Related print resource: 『梅原考古資料目録 朝鮮之部』(東洋学術協会,1966年).

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Korean Multimedia Dictionary

Korean Multimedia Dictionary.

Developed at Indiana University, the Korean Multimedia Dictionary provides pronunciations of over 400 Korean words in audio. The flash intro may take some time to load and there is also a search box somewhat hidden at the bottom of the page.

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Kankoku Minzokubunka Gazou Detabesu 韓国民俗文化画像データベース

Kankoku Minzokubunka Gazou Detabesu 韓国民俗文化画像データベース.

Led by Hiroshi Honda of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, this project catalogs and digitizes photos taken by Japanese anthropologist Abito Ito in South Korea in 1970s. Ito himself has written many books on Korea. The photos total about 4,600 and a search interface is provided.

What do you think of this resource?