Hong Kong’s War Crimes Trials (HKWCT) Collection

Hong Kong’s War Crimes Trials (HKWCT) Collection

This collection stems from a research project conducted by Suzannah Linton, a law professor formerly at the University of Hong Kong (currently at Bangor University  in UK). Professor Linton collected 46 case files of war crimes trials held by the British military in Hong Kong after World War II that involved 123 accused persons, all Japanese nationals. Due to the copyright restrictions, the actual case files can only be accessed at a university in Hong Kong, but the website makes freely available other materials in the collection, including detailed case notes, photographs from the same period, personal accounts, and a bibliography.

This seems the first such collection that has been digitized. Does anyone know similar collections on the web?


Hong Kong Literature Review Database 香港文學書評資料庫

Hong Kong Literature Review Database 香港文學書評資料庫.

Developed by the Lingnan University Library, “Hong Kong Literature Review Database uses Hong Kong Literature : A Bibliography, published by Youth Literary Book Store and the Hong Kong Art Development Council in 1995 as the base. It contains the full texts of some 200 review articles on Hong Kong literature, with a focus on works published from the fifties to the nineties, and will continue to include more writers from the forties to the late nineties, made available via a variety of search functions. In addition, the database offers the electronic texts of Hong Kong Literature : A Bibliography and Hong Kong Literature : A Bibliography :  A Supplement, along with related literature websites for reference.”

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Hong Kong Literature Database 香港文學資料庫

Hong Kong Literature Database 香港文學資料庫.

Developed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library, “Hong Kong Literature Database is the first database on Hong Kong literature. The Database is powered by various searching functions. Full-text is available in a major part of the database.” It provides bibliographical records of articles published on the newspapers, magazines and journals as well as books and theses, totaling 500,000. It also has over 180,000 full text articles, but not all of them are freely available on the Internet.

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HKUL Digital Initiatives

HKUL Digital Initiatives.

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HKBU Library Digital Projects

HKBU Library Digital Projects.

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Hong Kong Digitization Project Initiatives (HKdpi)

Hong Kong Digitization Project Initiatives (HKdpi).

Hosted by the Hong Kong Baptist University Library, this directory lists over 100 digitization projects of various Hong Kong libraries.

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Hong Kong & Macau Periodicals Network 港澳期刊網

Hong Kong & Macau Periodicals Network 港澳期刊網.

A joint project between the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library and the University of Macau Library, this database indexes articles published on over 300 Chinese and bilingual periodicals in Hong Kong and Macau. Coverage for most periodicals starts in 1980, but some important journals are indexed since the inaugural issue (such as _Xia er guan zhen_ 遐邇貫珍, the first Chinese periodical in Hong Kong). Note that abstracts are not available in the public version. Also, the coverage of Hong Kong periodicals should be the same as HKInChiP.

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