Regular update to resume

I couldn’t believe it’s been over a year since last time I updated FOREASt. Time really flies by! I have been busy with  other publications, completing a co-edited book, a book review, and a journal article. However, I am happy to notice that even in its hiatus, FOREASt generates about 1,000 hits each month.

Starting this fall, I’ll turn my attention back to FOREASt and provide updates regularly. There are some interesting new resources, so stay tuned!

Best to all,



FOREASt at 10,000

Returning to work this morning, I am excited to find that the page view counter on FOREASt is approaching 10,000. I want to thank all the contributors and visitors as we are reaching this major milestone.




Today (Aug. 4) is my last day of research leave and I am ready to get back to work on FOREASt. My goal is to set up entries for remaining resource listed on the “collection” pages in August and after that publicize it to all the relevant communities in various ways. I guess it’s going to be a busy month!