Taiwan Theses Full-text Systems 臺灣各大學博碩士論文全文系統

Taiwan Theses Full-text Systems 臺灣各大學博碩士論文全文系統.

A webpage created by the National Taiwan University Library, it provides links to the theses full-text systems of 17 universities in Taiwan.

What do you think of this resource?


3 Responses

  1. I have found that the National Central Library’s database for MA theses and Ph.D dissertations is much easier to use (you can search through all of the entries with one search string) and more complete than the one from NTU.

    Also, some of the university links on the 17 library list from NTU don’t seem to be working correctly.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment. I agree that the NCL database is more comprehensive in terms of bibliographical coverage, even though I am not sure if it provides access to dissertation full-text for free. I think for recent dissertations it’s more likely to get full-text for free from the ETD systems of individual universities than the NCL database (I am thinking about the difference between the ProQuest dissertation database and the institutional repositories in North America), but I will have to look further into this…

    Anyway, thanks again for your comment. I will definitely add the NCL database to FOREASt.


    • The access to dissertation full-text is free but, of course, only for those dissertations that the authors have made available. I have checked a number of dissertations on the NCL website that were marked “not available” and they weren’t available at the university’s own websites, either.

      I recently downloaded many dissertations on various subjects and the only problems were several authors who split up their files into sections that required several downloads in order to get the whole dissertation.

      Haven’t counted exactly the number of universities and colleges available from the NCL site but it seems to be over twice the number that are available from the NTU offering.

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