MCST – Modern Chinese Scientific Terminologies

MCST – Modern Chinese Scientific Terminologies.

Based on an international research project to understand the Chinese adoption of Western scientific and philosophical terminologies from 1840-1930, the “MCST Databases are intended as a reference tool for researchers interested in the transmission, reception and appropriation of foreign knowledge in modern China. You may search our files either for specific Chinese terms (in Chinese characters or Hanyu pinyin transcription) or for the English words these terms were meant to render, by clicking on ‘Standard Search’ or ‘Complex Search’ above. Search results are presented in chronologically ordered lists. Please input in ‘Big5’ or ‘Traditional Chinese’ encoding.

If you wish to quote data retrieved from the MCST Databases, please indicate the reference as follows:

Lackner, Michael, Amelung, Iwo, Kurtz, Joachim (2001). MCST Databases: An Electronic Repository of Chinese Scientific, Philosophical and Political Terms Coined in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century. Retrieved (current date), from” (MCST)

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