Electronic Index to the Early Shenbao 申報

Electronic Index to the Early Shenbao 申報.

Developed at the Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg, this resource provides quick keyword access to more than 11,000 articles published in Shenbao from 1872-1898. The index covers all leading articles from the Shenbao, articles reprinted from Hong Kong papers (such as the early Xunhuan Ribao edited by Wang Tao), and selected news reports, official documents, and letters to the editor. Excluded from the index are most poetry, reprints of the Jingbao (Peking Gazette), and advertisements.

What do you think of this resource?


4 Responses

  1. I played with it about 20 minutes and could not get it to return any searches for Shanghai, Guangxu, etc, so it is either broken or there is some key concept about searching that is beyond me (entirely possible).

  2. Is it possible to access this database if you are not a study at University of Heidelberg and not resident in Germany. I am an Irish student researching a dissertation is it possible for me to register to use it?

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