Giles Family Albums

Giles Family Albums.

Developed by the Australian National University Library, this resource includes 368 pictures from a Westerner family who were in China apparently from 1900s to 1930s.

What do you think of this resource?

Update: click here to browse the images by subject; there is also the option to browse by the title of picture. (1/15/10)


2 Responses

  1. Is there any way to browse the collection of the Giles Family Albums or the Chinese Digital Archive? Right now, the only access tool for the two resources I can find is a simple search box. Without knowing enough background for either, it’s kindof hard for users to just ‘search’.

  2. Hi Lucy,

    Thanks much for your comments. Actually both the Giles Family Albums and the Chinese Digital Archive (1966-1976) from ANU can be browsed.

    What you can do is to press one of the four buttons below the search box – subject, author, title, and issue data. I guess the word “browse” needs to be a little bigger, so users don’t miss it.


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