Japanese Databases for the Study of Korean History

Sengo Nihon ni okeru Chosen shi bunken mokuroku 戦後日本における朝鮮史文献目録
Access here.

Developed by the 朝鮮史研究会 in Japan, this resource provides bibliographic records of Japanese publications on Korean history. Monographs and articles have to be searched separately. As of May 2009, it covers 6953 monographs and 23028 articles, published between 1945 and 2007.

朝鮮史研究会 also lists the following resources on its website:
Database for Books and Magazines on Modern Korea 近代朝鮮関係書籍データベース
Access here.

It is a bibliographic database for Japanese publications on Korea, published between 1868 and 1945.

Han Bibliography Database (Kobe Mukuge no kai) 朝鮮関係論文データ検索システム
Access here.
Developed by the Kobe Mukuge no Kai 神戸むくげの会, it can be used to search「韓国朝鮮論文集」and「強制連行資料集」.

In addition, 朝鮮通信使関係資料目録(データベース版) can be used to search the catalog of 898 artifacts and 939 documents that Korean delegates brought to Japan, primarily from 17th century to early 19th century.

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