Hanguk Yoktae Munjip Chongso (韓國歷代文集叢書) Index

Hanguk Yoktae Munjip Chongso (韓國歷代文集叢書) is the largest collection of works by Korean authors from ancient times to the early 20th century. Since this set covers over 1000 authors in 3000 volumes, two sets of print reference tools have been compiled for it, Han’guk yŏktae munjip ch‘ongsŏ mongnok 韓國歷代文集叢書目錄and Han’guk yŏktae munjip ch‘ongsŏ mongnok saegin 韓國歷代文集叢書目錄索引 by Kim Sŏng-hwan.

In addition, University of Washing Libraries developed an online index for Hanguk Yotkae Munjip Chongso, which can be used to conduct author or title search (in romanization). All the titles in the collection have also been cataloged in WorldCat, which provides another way to identify individual titles in the collection electronically.


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  1. Hi,

    Just want to mention that the City University of Hong Kong Library also cataloged all the individual titles in Hanguk Yoktae Munjip Chongso. Please see this PPT presentation for details:

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