Opening of Chinese archives on Cultural Revolution?

This is not strictly related to e-research, but since it’s related to research and public access to information, I will just post it here:

Today I read this news article (in Chinese) that some Chinese archives from the Cultural Revolution period (1966-1976) is going to be declassified and open to the public. The article from Nanfang Zhoumo mentioned two archives specifically: the Municipal Archives of Beijing and the Archives of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs. The Beijing Archives just opened at least 16 documents related to CR (among a total of 21,568 newly released documents), while the Foreign Affairs Archives plans to open its CR papers in the next three years. But the article also noted that there are all kinds of restrictions on the declassification of archives (even though in principle Chinese archives ought to be declassified after 30 years), which drew some strong criticism in the comments section of the newspaper.


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