Japan Law Translation

Japan Law Translation.

“On April 1, 2009, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) in Japan introduced it’s new online search interface for the Japanese government’s English translations of laws. The page also includes a search interface for the Japanese government’s “Standard Bilingual Dictionary,” a glossary produced by the government to standardize the English translation of legal terminology.

The powerful interface allows users to search with English or Japanese terms. “Keyword in Context” searching lets you search the full text of laws, and displays the hits in the context of the text in the laws. Laws may be retrieved in several convenient formats: bilingual side-by-side, bilingual alternating text, English only, or Japanese only. To the left of the law text, a clickable table of contents allows users to move efficiently through the text of the law to sections of interest. Any of these can be printed through your browser’s print function, or you can opt for downloading the translations in either PDF, Word File, Text file, or XML format.”  – Rob Britt, U. of Washington

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