Online Kangxi Dictionary 康熙字典網上版

Online Kangxi Dictionary 康熙字典網上版.


7 Responses

  1. i thing the Kangxi dictionary is the best dictionary where you can learn seal script characters.
    Wo xiang Kangxi zidian shi zui hao zidian nar ni keyi xue gu hanzi.


  2. Dear Editor,
    I would much grateful, if you could provide the
    Chinese word (one single word);

    女贞 (girl stroke on the left; zhen stroke on the right)
    both words combine in ONE single Chinese

    As I checked the normal Chinese dictionary –

    Thanking you in advance and
    best regards.

  3. I’m looking for this word but i can’t find it.
    山夂 (combined) Can anyone help?

  4. Sorry but I meant to ask the combination of 山文 in one word.

  5. Hi,can you please help me to find this word,I was told that its in KangXi Dictionary.
    A combination of these two words,

    艹 (on top, as the chinese radical)
    禾禾 (both at the bottom,just like how it is)

    Can you please help me? It is very urgent. The word should be pronounced as “Li”
    Thank you so much.

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